From the screen to the page: Singha Durbar gets a new look

After becoming a star of the screen, Prime Minister Aasha Singh is turning into an icon in ink.

The first female (and fictional) Prime Minister of Nepal is the protagonist of Singha Durbar, our hit political drama that reached almost 7 million people — 1 in 4 Nepali citizens. Now, she and her government are reaching an even bigger audience in a new way: photo novellas. Supported by USAID, our photo novella series, made of pictures from the TV show, consists of 13 episodes, each based on the corresponding episode from Singha Durbar’s first season.

Like the TV drama did, the comics pull back the curtain on the inner workings of Nepal’s central government. They also take on issues in governance, such as lack of accountability, corruption, and the marginalization of women in decision-making. Additionally, the comics discuss societal problems like human trafficking and food insecurity. Each installment ends with a discussion guideline that pushes the readers to reflect on the episode and encourages them to talk about it with their peers.

The comics also serve as a way to strengthen the TV show’s impact on viewer knowledge and behavior. Independent evaluators already observed a 60% increase among the show’s viewers in the belief that people of all genders and ethnicities should play an active role in decision-making. Overall, the comics will expand the popularity of the hit TV show and continue to encourage the importance of political inclusivity.

Download each installment of the photo novella series below!