Evaluation Report: Capacity in Youth and Peacebuilding

This is an evaluation of the year long peacebuilding project titled “Capacity in Youth and Peacebuilding in Nepal,” implemented by Search for Common Ground with financial support from UNICEF. The program was implemented from April 2009 – April 2010 with the overarching purpose of the project was to build the capacity of youth leaders and organizations to participate in the peace process at the local level. More specifically, the intended result of the project was increased capacity of civil society organizations in eight districts to enable access of children and youth to their peacebuilding activities. To accomplish this, a variety of activities were undertaken including the development of materials on youth and peacebuilding, the implementation of a comprehensive training program on youth and peacebuilding, and the organization of regional and national youth gatherings. The purpose of the evaluation was to measure the results of these activities with emphasis given to changes in knowledges, attitudes, and behaviors of the target groups. To measure these results, primary information was gathered from focus group discussions, interviews with key informants, survey data, and evaluator observations.