“Different” – Balkan Theatre Networks

They are artists. They are leaders. They leave it all on the stage.

In 2001, Macedonia balanced on the verge of civil war. Sharp divides still exist between ethnic Macedonians, Albanians, Turks, and Roma.  We decided to empower youth to tackle these divides through theater, and Balkan Theater Networks was born.

Sharing a Common Culture: Balkan Theatre Networks for EU Integration is a regional project that involves youth from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Macedonia in the creation of plays that highlight their common European culture while promoting cultural and ethnic diversity.

Eighty-four youth, ages 15-19, headed everything from the script, to the set design, to the actual performances. The plays raised questions about cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue, social and civic responsibility, and regional cooperation based on common cultural values.

Watch this documentary and fall in love with these bright young actors as they embark on the road towards discovery.

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