Classy Awards 2017: Search Honored as Leading Innovator

We have exciting news! Three Search programs in South Sudan, Nepal, and Palestine have been named Classy Awards Finalists. Our finalists now represent three of the 100 most innovative nonprofits and social enterprises of 2017!

Our programs went through a rigorous and intensive application process and were judged on stringent criteria. The awards ceremony will be held at the Collaborative in Boston, United States, on June 13-15. There, nonprofit professionals, social entrepreneurs, and philanthropic leaders will unite to share ideas and innovations to solve the world’s toughest challenges.

This is our second year in a row to have programs among the Classy finalists. Your support has made us a leading innovator, not just in peacebuilding, but in the whole development aid field.


Communicating For Peace
Search – South Sudan’s program, Communicating For Peace, heals the country’s war-torn communities through participatory theater, radio, and responsible journalism. The final evaluation showed a 200% increase in interactions between tribes, of which 90.1% were positive.

Meet our courageous troupe!

Singha Durbar
Search – Nepal’s TV drama, Singha Durbar, features Nepal’s first (fictional) female Prime Minister, transforming cultural attitudes towards gender, politics, and marginalized people. Over 4.79 million people in Nepal watched the series. Public surveys show that 83% now believe it’s important for people of all ethnic groups and both genders to play an active role in public decision-making, increased from only 23% prior to the show.

Watch the trailer!

The President
Search – Jerusalem’s reality TV show, The President, has revolutionized Palestine’s political scene, providing a mainstream platform for youth and public participation through SMS voting. Six of the contestants ran for real-life local office after the show, while the winner was hired by the real President of Palestine’s office as an advisor for youth affairs.

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