Citizen Education and Free Information: Towards a Peaceful Participation of Nigeriens in Public Life

With funding from the European Union, we led a project to promote the rights to civic education of young Nigeriens and foster their engagement in public affairs. The project, implemented in 2014 and 2015, also created safe spaces to promote peaceful conflict transformation in Zinder.

We used media to share information on issues related to citizenship and civic life, while leading community initiatives to build knowledge of citizen rights and reduce extremist violence. To increase young people’s commitment to participating in decision-making, we also launched a series of periodic meetings between youth and local authorities.

This project contributed to modifying how communities and young people see each other. We measured changes in young people’s behaviors, towards greater respect, commitment to the development of the community, and nonviolence. Local authorities also showed more willingness to collaborate with young people as partners in governance and development.