Children & Youth

Children & Youth

While the world typically views young people as either victims or villains in conflict, we recognize their potential to drive change and transform conflict in their communities.

Our Children and Youth programs employ an innovative, multi-pronged approach, incorporating elements of education, grassroots action, partnerships, and policy. Our initiatives range in topic from civic participation to youth-focused media, leadership training, and sports clinics. In all of our youth projects, we help young people prove to the world that they are changemakers and leaders for peace.

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Shaping Policy and the Field

To influence policy, we build partnerships with like-minded organizations to shift languages, policies, and processes at the international level, and provide children and youth with opportunities to participate in decision-making.

Guiding Principles

UN Security Council Resolution on Youth, Peace, and Security

3M Global Evaluation

Mapping a Sector Report

Practice Note on Young People’s Participation

Resources and Toolkits

Partnering with Young People to Drive Change

Our programs use media, policy, education, and action-focused programming to enable children and youth to transform their communities, be recognized as peacemakers, and gain the respect of their adult counterparts.

Civic Engagement

Collective Impact Initiatives

Youth-Led Research

Youth Transforming Violent Extremism


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