35 Years Shamil Video Shot (1)

Celebrating 35 Years of unCommon Courage

Search for Common Ground President & CEO Shamil Idriss thanks staff and supporters for their commitment to SFCG’s work and discusses the organization’s last 35 years of working with local communities and national leaders to end violent conflict and to build healthier, more stable, and more just communities.

Let's Think, Let's Change

Let’s Think, Let’s Change

Search-Myanmar’s “Let’s Think, Let’s Change” project is promoting the acceptance and celebration of diversity throughout the country. Through a creative use of media mixed with youth-led community-based work, we are harnessing the power of popular culture to make positive change in Myanmar.

Sunaina 560 x 315

2016 #CGAwards: Sunaina

In Nepal, women have faced years of oppression and inequality. But after participating in a Search for Common Ground training, Sunaina was inspired to show women’s essentialness to the country through an ancient art form called Mithila.

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Regional Youth Summit on Countering Violent Extremism-Maiduguri

To empower youth to be true agents of conflict transformation in their communities, we organized a 3-Day Regional Youth Summit in Maiduguri, bringing together passionate youth leaders from Niger, Chad, Cameroon, Mali and Nigeria to collaborate, address critical root causes and drivers of violent extremism and build resilience to the enticement of violent extremism in the Lake Chad Basin.


Pahunch Season 1 Episode 13

In the final episode of Pahunch, a champion is revealed.


Pahunch Season 1 Episode 12

Three contestants left. One last challenge.


Pahunch Season 1 Episode 11

As the show draws to an end, another contestant leaves.