Success Stories

Feeding Others: How a Kyrgyz Student is Countering Radicalization to Violent Extremism in his Rural Community

“I am a patriot of my country,” says Maisalbek, who is in his final year studying journalism at a local university in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. For generations, his family has lived in a village in the mountains above Osh, in southern Kyrgyzstan. When he was young, however, his mother […]

Researching His Way to Empowerment

After participating in the Amahoro Iwacu-Peace in My Home program, Sixte completed research to help him and others understand problems within his community and created programs for youth in his community to alleviate poverty and to help others to use peaceful means to solve conflict.

From Diffa to Paris: A young teacher’s rise to global activist

On a hot, dry Thursday morning a young teacher and Master’s student, Abdoul Karim Amadou Maman, walked out of his house in Niamey, Niger and made his way to a training for young leaders. Walking into the session, he had no idea his life was about to change forever.

Sustainable Business Practice Program
Improves Community Relationships

North Mara gold mine sites are under severe pressure from illegal mining intrusions from both youth in the area and larger groups of ‘opportunists’ from other regions and neighboring countries. While enforcing the property rights of the mines, the police also struggle with very negative perceptions from the […]

Nigeria’s ‘Mama Gender’: from child bride to gender activist

Known as ‘Mama Gender,’ Nigeria’s Ene Ede is working to ensure that women are equally represented in politics, media, business, and within the home.

You planted the seed

As a child, Gwen begged her father to take her to the airport. Not being wealthy, she’d never seen an airplane. But she’d heard about them and couldn’t believe it. She had to see these things for herself, machines that could magically hold themselves up in the air. […]

Chadian Youth Fight Drug Abuse in their communities

Young people in the Sahel face critical economic and social challenges, which constitute potential sources of conflict, as youth frustrations risk being diverted towards destructive social behavior. Peace through Development (PDEVII) aims to instead channel youth energies into constructive action in their communities. Across Chad, Burkina Faso, and Niger, PDEVII has worked with young men and women to strengthen their capacities to analyze and deal with conflict and other themes related to violent extremism, through collaborative social action.