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Mama Gender

Nigeria’s ‘Mama Gender’: from child bride to gender activist

Known as ‘Mama Gender,’ Nigeria’s Ene Ede is working to ensure that women are equally represented in politics, media, business, and within the home.

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You planted the seed

As a child, Gwen begged her father to take her to the airport. Not being wealthy, she’d never seen an airplane. But she’d heard about them and couldn’t believe it. She had to see these things for herself, machines that could magically hold themselves up in the air. […]

Chadian Youth Fight Drug Abuse in their communities

Young people in the Sahel face critical economic and social challenges, which constitute potential sources of conflict, as youth frustrations risk being diverted towards destructive social behavior. Peace through Development (PDEVII) aims to instead channel youth energies into constructive action in their communities. Across Chad, Burkina Faso, and Niger, PDEVII has worked with young men and women to strengthen their capacities to analyze and deal with conflict and other themes related to violent extremism, through collaborative social action.

Burkinabe Youth Tackle Social Challenges Through Cinema

The Peace through Development program (PDEVII) uses the social communication tools of mobile cinema and participatory theater to engage and motivate young people in Niger, Chad and Burkina Faso to take on a more proactive role in their community’s development. In each country PDEVII has produced a film reflecting the particular social challenges faced by young people. The project has also provided intensive training for youth to build their skills in facilitating discussions around the sensitive issues raised in the films and in encouraging analysis and reflection among their peers. In this way, mobile cinema provides impetus and a social space for young people to address the challenges they face and to propose their own solutions.

PDEVII Local Heroes Lead the Way in Niger

One of the main objectives of the Peace through Development (PDEVII) program is to support youth mobilization and engagement in local development, on issues related to social stability and cohesion. In Niger, Burkina Faso and Chad, PDEVII has been working with a core group of dedicated young leaders to reinforce their capacities in conflict management and to act as leaders in their social circles and beyond. Today, PDEVII is seeing the fruits of the capacity-building efforts as the young leaders are taking the initiative to undertake activities that tackle concrete challenges in their communities.

Sri Lanka Street Drama

Sri Lanka street drama takes on child labor

“We want our childhood; we want our right to be educated in schools,” an 11 year-old actress cries out on stage, as tears stream down her cheeks. Every time these novice street actors and actresses step on stage in Sri Lanka, there isn’t a dry eye among the hundreds of spectators. The tears well up out of memories—of physical pain and emotional […]

Friday Sermons – Now for Peacebuilding: Abdul Qayyum

Abdul Qayyum is a teacher in Jamia Anwaarul Quran and in addition assists the administrative office and also teaches at the Islamic University for Women in Karachi. This is not it: Abdul is also a prayers’ leader at his local mosque and regularly leads the Friday prayers also […]