Local Dialogues, Youth Inclusion

Youth empowerment and community dialogues are at the core of our work in Tanzania.

Promoting Freedom of Religion or Belief in Kyrgyzstan

This project is creating more favorable conditions for religious freedom in Kyrgyzstan through collaboration between state and non-state actors.

Security Sector Reform in Tunisia

Our project is increasing the transparency of and citizen participation in security sector reform in Tunisia.

Jashstan Times

All the issues of Search’s very own Jashstan Times, in one place!

Youth as Agents of Peace and Stability in Kyrgyzstan

Our project utilizes a youth-led approach to mitigate the factors that lead to radicalization into violent extremist groups.

Kallewa Manio: Countering Violent Extremism in Diffa

We are working with youth in Diffa, Niger, to create a community response to violent extremism.

Partnerships for Peace in West Africa

In partnership with Creative Associates, we are supporting USAID’s Partnership for Peace program in West Africa, focused on improving the ability of organizations and governments to implement initiatives to counter violent extremism (CVE). The program aims to engage civil society, facilitate the development of government networks, and build […]