Security Sector Reform in Tunisia

Our project is increasing the transparency of and citizen participation in security sector reform in Tunisia.

Tunisian and Dutch Officials Join Forces Against Violent Extremism

We organized an exchange between Tunisian and Dutch officials to conclude the first phase of our project countering violent extremism in Tunisian prisons.

How Moroccan activists are countering online recruitment into violent extremism

Our local team’s Facebook campaigns are spreading nonviolent narratives among Moroccan youth.

A Bottom-up Approach to Countering Violent Extremism

This project aims at increasing the resilience of Tunisian communities to extremist violence.

Preventing Violent Extremism Through Comic Books

Our comic book Youmiyyat Daly helps share positive values of tolerance and understanding among Tunisian youth.

Deradicalization in Tunisian Prisons

We are leading a pilot initiative to address the radicalization and recruitment into violent extremist groups of Tunisian prisoners.

The war in Yemen: “It is a total catastrophe, but no one knows”

For over 2 years, Yemen has been plagued by a bloody civil war. Belgian magazine MO* spoke with Search – Yemen’s Director Shoqi Maktary about the situation on the ground and what needs to happen next.