Tourathing – Protecting our Future: A Youth-led Approach to the Promotion of Lebanese Cultural Heritage

This study is part of a project done in partnership with three Lebanese non-governmental organizations: Nahnoo, Arcenciel, and Biladi. Search is kicking off a project titled “Tourathing – Protecting our Future: A Youth-led Approach to the Promotion of Lebanese Cultural Heritage,” funded by the British Council. The overall goal of the project was to create a virtuous cycle whereby cultural heritage is protected by building bridges across dividing lines with the inclusion of youth as key actors, which will, in turn, be strengthened by fostering greater value in cultural heritage.

Although very motivated to participate in initiatives that promote and preserve cultural heritage, most of the youth respondents admitted that they lacked the know-how and leadership skills to document and promote local cultural heritage and actively engage other community members. Based on this baseline study, one of the recommendations was to integrate leadership capacity building as part of the overall capacity trainings for the youth.

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