The war in Yemen: “It is a total catastrophe, but no one knows”

For over 2 years, Yemen has been plagued by a bloody civil war. Belgian magazine MO* spoke with Search – Yemen’s Director Shoqi Maktary about the situation on the ground and what needs to happen next.

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Introducing New Resources for Dialogue Experts in the MENA Region

We are proud to announce the publication of two new resources for dialogue practitioners: the Community Dialogue Design Manual and the Roster of Tunisian dialogue specialists.


Hidden Heroes of a “Faceless War”

It’s time the world heard the voices of those affected by the Yemen war. Learn more and discover how you can make a difference. #EyesOnYemen

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Partnership for Social and Behavior Change in Yemen – Second Phase

With support from UNICEF, we are finalizing the second phase of Partnership for Social and Behavior Change in Yemen, an 18-month project in the governorates of Taiz and Al-Hodeidah. The project aims at reducing the impact of conflict on children’s health and encourages dialogue on sensitive children’s health […]

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Integrated Social Cohesion and Development

Since 2015, our team in Yemen has been working with UNDP to review the success of the 2011 project Integrated Social Cohesion and Development, implemented in the governorates of Taiz and Abyan. The goal of the project was to integrate community-led conflict prevention into development initiatives led by […]

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Yemen Common Ground Institute (Yemen CGI)

Building on its successes in Egypt and Tunisia, our MENA Common Ground Institute is expanding to Yemen and Bahrain, with support from the European Union. The MENA CGI launched in 2015, and pursued four objectives: building the skills of a new generation of Arabic-speaking dialogue experts; supporting dialogue […]

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Promoting Social Cohesion and Conflict Transformation through Insider Mediators

In partnership with UNDP, our Yemen team is currently leading a project titled Enhanced Rural Resilience in Yemen in the governorates of Abyan and Al-Hodeidah. The program aims to enhance the resilience of rural communities affected by crises, supporting livelihoods, local governance, social cohesion, and access to sustainable […]