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In World of Grim News, Peacebuilding Offers Ray of Hope

Hundreds of thousands of committed local peacebuilders are succeeding at keeping humanity afloat through today’s crises.

Religious Engagement

In some of the world’s toughest contexts, we catalyze the power of religious leaders and communities of faith to bring about positive change.

‘Making Peace’: Remarks by Sharon Rosen at the Sant’Egidio Annual Meeting

Sharon Rosen discussed the nexus between peace and communities of faith at Sant’Egidio’s Annual Summit.

Expert Voices

Search’s leaders and innovators regularly share their expertise at events all over the world. Find recent highlights here!

Students Rebuild Launches “Facing Difference” Challenge with Search, CARE, Global Nomads Group

Search, Students Rebuild, CARE, and Global Nomads Group join forces to build empathy, understanding, and peace among young people.

The Peace and Prosperity Collaborative

The Collaborative is a new youth-led platform for change. Learn more about our pilot initiatives in Sri Lanka and Nigeria.

Sandra Melone Transitions to New Role

Sandra Melone Transitions to Senior Advisor to the President of Search for Common Ground & Member of the Board of Directors, Search -Brussels.