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The Pen Is Still Mightier Than The Sword

by Nabila Khouri on May 3, 2015

Throughout history, journalists and the media have often been regarded as both heroes and villains. They have been the watchdogs of political power. They have given a voice to the voiceless. They have also been used to trample the rights of others, and support the agendas of dictators […]


Four Years Later

by Emily Jacquard on April 30, 2015

This article first appeared in The Hill on April 30th, 2015. More than 200,000 killed. Nearly 4 million refugees. Four years since its onset, the Syrian Civil War has become one of the most destructive conflicts in the world, with a devastating effect on the entire Middle East. […]

Nepal Tibetan New Year

From Afar…

by Michael Shipler on April 26, 2015

Right after I moved to Kathmandu in February 2006, I was told about the inevitable Big One. This majestic and troubled country sat on one of the most dangerous fault lines in the world, and Kathmandu was built on the dried bed of an ancient lake. The ground […]


A teacher inside and outside the classroom

by Cindy Chungong on April 24, 2015

We have a saying here: ‘The solutions to your problems are at your door: but sometimes you need to let others in to help you find them.’ This means that we cannot resolve our issues and build peace on our own. We must work with others. – Mamoudou Mamoudou Ouedraogo is a 34-year old PDevII […]


Sustainable Peace

by Nabila Khouri on April 22, 2015

Food, water, shelter, clothing. Every human being of the 7 billion that live on Earth today must satisfy basic needs to survive.  In grade school, we learn that we all depend on limited natural resources.  In the lush Great Lakes region of Africa and the dry landscapes of the […]

Gaspard, Frida, Jafari

“A Mediator Doesn’t Get Tired”

by Gabrielle Solanet and Jean-Paul Nicondindiriye on April 9, 2015

Over the last ten years, more than 500,000 ethnic-Hutu refugees came back to their homes in southern Burundi, from neighboring Tanzania and Democratic Republic of Congo. Disputes between residents and returnees who are claiming their land back after a decade-long absence are one of the main causes of conflict in […]

Shiva Tharu

Hope, Courage, Entrepreneurship: Shiva’s Story

by Ayush Joshi on April 2, 2015

Shiva Tharu, 36, is one of many Nepalese women who personally experienced the dire consequences of conflict. Her eyes moisten when she talks about her husband, who disappeared during fighting.  “The army came to our house and took my husband to the nearby camp. After three days I […]