Latest Stories


The Art of Friendship

by Ayush Joshi and Bijay Jha on May 20, 2016

Discover the world of mithila: a traditional Nepalese painting style… and a powerful tool to build peace.


Like mother, like daughter: two generations of women building a united society

by Rasha Saleem on May 17, 2016

Two unusual friendships became a model of much needed cohesion between Syrian refugees and the Jordanian host community in Mafraq.


How a trash-free beach inspired a youth movement

by Charles Christian on May 16, 2016

A group of young leaders in Tunisia mobilized the community to clean up the garbage that littered the shore. Then, their initiative became much, much more.

Morocco Fatima

First a student, then a housewife, then a champion for equality

by Moujahid Abaddi on May 13, 2016

Many women in Morocco are pressed to give up their career aspirations and play the role imposed on them by society. Fatima had something different in mind.


Search Interviews: Adrienne Lemon

by Janice Freeman on May 12, 2016

We met with our DME Specialist to learn more about the causes and consequences of the war in South Sudan.


African Idol: the search for a (peace and development) superstar

by Giulia Luzi on April 29, 2016

We turned a gathering of innovators from Tanzania, Kenya, and Nigeria into the very first peacebuilding contest of East Africa.


A teacher so good, she’s in a class of her own

by Search for Common Ground Lebanon on April 26, 2016

Through patient work, Fatima helps Syrian and Lebanese children overcome their mutual mistrust and heal from trauma.