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#teXchange Nairobi 2015, where digital technology meets social change

by Bryan Weiner on February 25, 2015

“Can’t they raise chickens?” Dr. Bitange Ndemo, former Permanent Secretary at Kenya’s Ministry of Information and Technology, asked this question to an eager audience at Strathmore University’s @iLabAfrica. “Today all eggs come from France. People in the Congo are walking barefoot, without jobs. Can’t they raise chickens? Why […]


Back home, Emmanuel becomes a radio producer

by Otanya Egbe on February 17, 2015

Youth in the Niger-Delta region suffered the consequences of turmoil and unrest in their cities and villages. Many joined different militant factions, directly entering the fight. Others had to escape, unsure of when they would come back. Emmanuel is part of the latter category. When the conditions worsened, he […]


One Boy’s Radio Appeal

by Search for Common Ground on February 13, 2015

Meet Tuo. 14-year-old Tuo Amara lives in Duékoué, a city in the western Côte d’Ivoire. The 2010 political elections added kindle to growing animosity between differing religions, political parties, and ethnic groups in the area. After the vote, violence erupted in Duékoué. The Duékoué massacres resulted in the […]

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FrontlineSMS signals new era for women in media

by Gabrielle Solanet on February 12, 2015

We need women in peacebuilding and social development—pure and simple. Their perspectives and experience make up half of a functioning society. However, women’s participation in media remains low. In too many areas, women’s public opinions are so stifled that their views on critical issues are absent from the […]

1- Together, Securing Our Neighborhood

Together, Securing Our Neighborhood

by Giuseppe Lettieri on February 6, 2015

What does it mean to be a police officer? Carrying a weapon, answering emergency calls or regulating traffic are only a few aspects of the profession. Complex roles and duties are involved in the work of law enforcement, such as ensuring the safety of the local population and meeting the needs of its members. The […]

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Faith, Tolerance, Peace: Muslim Students Become Filmmakers

by Nabila Khouri on January 30, 2015

Youth are one of the most influential leaders in conflict mitigation. Not just for the distant future, but for today. Our team in Indonesia figured out how to tap into the creative genius of young generations by equipping them with a powerful device—a camera. With a camera in […]


The Unmaking of a Terrorist

by Lena Slachmuijlder on January 20, 2015

This article first appeared in The Hill. Punched in the gut. That is how I felt after hearing of the Charlie Hebdo attacks, the blasts in Yemen that killed over 37, and the massacre of hundreds, perhaps thousands, perpetrated by Boko Haram. If this was the way 2015 was starting, I was […]