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officer ahia tanzania

In Officer Ahia’s book, human rights come first

by Jacob Mukuliza and Blake Kraus on August 22, 2016

After our training, a Tanzanian policeman and his colleagues completely changed the way they operate.

monastir youth tunisia

In Monastir, youth teach each other how to lead

by Charles Christian on July 27, 2016

Our Youth Leadership Councils are creating new opportunities for young people all across Tunisia.

kigali AU summit

3 takeaways from this month’s African Union Summit in Kigali

by Baptiste Marle on

Here are three takeaways from the historical summit, reinforcing hope in a brighter future for Africa.


I know why the ‘War on Terror’ isn’t working

by Achaleke Christian Leke on July 13, 2016

We need a different strategy to defeat violent extremism.

1_interviews with principal and students for youth radio program img_1822

Online connectivity for peace? It’s a matter of scale

by Shamil Idriss on

Virtual exchange is revolutionizing the way we interact across borders and build peace.


Back to school (with the help of a world-class teacher)

by Dieudonné Bikorimana and Anne Salzman on June 30, 2016

The lives of an unruly student, his mother, and an exceptional teacher were changed by a conflict resolution training.

A moment from one of the dance performances in the Middle Belt

Born into conflict, one man strives to bring peace to his homeland

by Blake Kraus on June 21, 2016

Growing up in an area riddled with violence didn’t stop Bamidele from seeing the good in all people.