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Freedom From Fear

A childhood marred by war left Pirem afraid and mistrustful of other ethnic groups — until he experienced an unexpected human connection.


Rumor Management to Mitigate Inter-Communal Conflict

Our project minimizes the impact of rumors as triggers of violence in Myanmar.


Investing in popular culture to support an inclusive transition to peace and reconciliation

We worked with local actors and media professionals to create films, TV productions, and theater performances in support of Myanmar’s peace process.


Social Cohesion for Stronger Communities

In partnership with the UN Development Programme, we are introducing key social cohesion skills in communities across Myanmar.


Let’s Think, Let’s Change: Promoting Diversity Through Popular Culture

We are developing a radio talk show featuring local celebrities and citizens to explore the impact of negative stereotypes.


Pahunch: Nepali Reality TV Show For Social Change

The Huffington Post reports on Pahunch, Search’s groundbreaking reality show to increase trust between police and citizens in Nepal.


Former Maoist Combatant Gyan Bahadur Lama wins PAHUNCH

Season one found its champion!