Less than a decade after the end of the civil war, Burundi remains one of the world’s poorest countries, still recovering from generations of ethnic conflict. The country’s fragile peace is threatened by rising political violence, restrictions on the press and freedom of assembly, high levels of youth unemployment, frequent land disputes, and tensions generated by the repatriation of refugees.

Since 1995, we have supported the process of peace and reconciliation in Burundi, building the capacity of local stakeholders to address a wide range of conflict issues, including transitional justice, refugee reintegration, land conflict, sexual and gender-based violence, and youth manipulation.

One of our most important resources is Studio Ijambo, which has transformed Burundi’s media landscape by training journalists and producing informative, solution-oriented programs; stream the podcasts here.

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Life during land conflict in Africa: the story of “Terre D’Entente” - In the Great Lakes region of Africa, 90% of the population depend on agriculture to survive. Our initiatives to eliminate land conflict help rural communities thrive — and save lives in the process.

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Terre D’Entente: Citizen Participation in Land Mediation in the Great Lakes - We are connecting citizens, mediators, civil society, and governments to find collaborative ways to solve land conflict in Burundi, Rwanda, and the DRC.
Supporting Cross-Border Trade Between Burundi and its Neighbors - In a small country highly dependent on cross-border commerce, Burundi’s petty traders play an important role in carrying goods to and from neighboring Tanzania, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Unfortunately, these small-scale merchants often come into conflict with customs officials at the borders. A lack […]
Mobilizing Burundi’s Youth for Peaceful Elections - In the run-up to Burundi’s 2015 elections, there has been growing concern that young Burundi-ans will fall victim to political manipulation and commit acts of violence on behalf of the country’s political parties. For the youth wing of the ruling party, such acts included disrupting opposition meetings, destroying […]




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