Burundi’s New Normal

The 2015 electoral season in Burundi saw protests, violence and open political conflict at the local level, with a particular concentration in Bujumbura. In 2016, the country settled into a new “normal” characterized by low-level insecurity with regular disappearances, arrests, and imprisonment, as well as severely restricted freedom of expression.

Read our briefing on the situation in the aftermath of the 2015 political crisis and learn more about our youth-based projects.

Burundi Conflict Analysis
Our Burundi Conflict Analysis Briefing highlights changing political dynamics and economic trends in the country.

Amahoro Iwacu
With USAID and local partners, we launched a peacebuilding project in September 2015 called Amahoro Iwacu (Peace in My Home) to enhance the resilience of urban and rural youth against political, communal, and interpersonal violence.