Brussels Headquarters

Brussels Headquarters

European governments and the European Union have been actively building peace and cooperation around the world for decades. In 1994, we established our Brussels headquarters office. Our Brussels team is actively engaged in supporting the successful implementation of European-funded peacebuilding projects across Asia, Africa, and the MENA region. Our team also works to ensure peacebuilding remains high on the European agenda and that peacebuilding activities are making having the greatest results possible.


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Naija Girls - Mariam is a Muslim. Janet is a Christian. During years of bloodshed between different religious groups, they found a friend in each other.

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Strengthening Citizen Participation and Democracy - Our reality TV show "The President" stars young Palestinian leaders competing to become the next President of the country.
Under The Same Sun - This docu-drama follows two businessmen – one Palestinian and one Israeli – as they struggle to build a joint business venture in the face of political, cultural, and family opposition.
Empowering Young Change Makers in Tunisia - In order to empower youth leaders to become the protagonists of Tunisia’s democracy, we are sponsoring Youth Leadership Councils and local youth organizations across the country.




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