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May 8, 2023

Meet BridgeBot, a new chatbot which helps social media users bridge differences and build trust and understanding online. Easy to use through the WhatsApp platform, BridgeBot is a simple way to grow your skills in understanding and responding to online conflict.

Search for Common Ground designed BridgeBot together with TangibleAI after our research revealed that most people shy away – or turn away – from discussions online once they heat up. We learned that few people felt comfortable responding, and even fewer felt that they could be constructive.

BridgeBot acts like a companion to help social media users think differently about how to deal with differences, by equipping them with skills and perspectives on empathy, identity, perception and non-violent communication.

Dozens of user pathways with quizzes, games and role-plays mean that BridgeBot offers users multiple experiences depending on their interests. Sharpening your skills on how you approach conflict will only take a few conversations with BridgeBot. It’s easy to use!

Click here to start chatting with BridgeBot.

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