“Babadok Rebenta” (Echo of Drums)

Community radio stations across the country have recently been broadcasting 24 episodes of a radio program, “Babadok Rebenta” (Echo of Drums), produced in partnership with the Timor-Leste Media Development Center. The aim of these radio programs is to engage listeners in a conversation with their peers about issues such as drug use, early pregnancy, and domestic violence.

The episodes are in Portuguese, and are approximately 30 minutes in length.

Episode 1: Youth / student Drop out

Episode 2: Youth Voice on the Martial arts issues

Episode 3: Youth view on banning the practice of “pencak silat, an indigenous Martial arts

Episode 4: Youth view on and Decentralization of territory

Episode 5: Challenges of the University graduation student

Episode 6: Youth an employment issues

Episode 7: Youth view on the quality of education

Episode 8: Youth perspective on the Corruption and nepotism practices

Episode 9: Youth and Early pregnancy, education policy on responding to the issue

Episode 10: Youth and love relationship

Episode 11: Youth and HIV AIDS

Episode 12: Youth Engagement and their view in Agriculture sector

Episode 13: Youth and school drop out

Episode 14: Youth and value of life

Episode 15: Prevention of the Domestic violence

Episode 16: Youth role in Villages council

Episode 17: Language and its challenges in Education setting

Episode 18: Youth view on Government investment in Sport

Episode 19: Roles of young women representative on the village council

Episode 20: Sensibility of Development for people with special needs

Episode 21: Youth and History of Timor Leste

Episode 22: Youth and Media

Episode 23: Family planning, a perspective of the church

Episode 24: Pre-Disconsentration – what is stakes