Violent Extremism

While many respond to terrorist acts with violent or propaganda-based tactics, we identify constructive means of dissuading people from expressing their beliefs or frustrations violently. We promote religious tolerance, bolster young people’s resistance to recruitment, and equip both convicted terrorists and prison officials with non-violent conflict resolution skills.

Fatima takes a stand: a young Moroccan’s journey to empower youth

22-year-old activist Fatima Benoughazi is on a mission to stop the recruitment of young Moroccans into violent extremist groups.

Tunisian and Dutch Officials Join Forces Against Violent Extremism

We organized an exchange between Tunisian and Dutch officials to conclude the first phase of our project countering violent extremism in Tunisian prisons.

How Moroccan activists are countering online recruitment into violent extremism

Our local team’s Facebook campaigns are spreading nonviolent narratives among Moroccan youth.

Four tips from peacebuilders on working with young people to transform violent extremism

If violent extremist groups recognize the power and potential of young people, why don’t those combatting them?

A Bottom-up Approach to Countering Violent Extremism

This project aims at increasing the resilience of Tunisian communities to extremist violence.

Preventing Violent Extremism Through Comic Books

Our comic book Youmiyyat Daly helps share positive values of tolerance and understanding among Tunisian youth.

Deradicalization in Tunisian Prisons

We are leading a pilot initiative to address the radicalization and recruitment into violent extremist groups of Tunisian prisoners.