After violent conflict, the groups involved must continue living side by side. Mistrust, grudges, and past wrongs often boil over into renewed violence. We bring people together to learn how to heal, forgive, reconcile, and work through their differences peacefully.

Search - Sri Lanka in 2017 - a year of impact

Search – Sri Lanka in 2017: a year of impact

Search – Sri Lanka in 2017: a year of impact

Boniface Mudenge, the genocide survivor who is healing Rwanda

Boniface Mudenge is a small farmer and a contemporary peacebuilding legend in Rwanda.

Sikka Team: A Show on Sports and Reconciliation in Sri Lanka Wins National Award

Our drama on reconciliation received special recognition at Sri Lanka’s most prestigious TV Awards ceremony.

A Memory Map to Support Reconciliation in Sri Lanka

To help communities remember and reconcile, we built an online archive of 320 stories from Sri Lanka’s Civil War.

Freedom From Fear

A childhood marred by war left Pirem afraid and mistrustful of other ethnic groups — until he experienced an unexpected human connection.

To achieve reconciliation in Sri Lanka, trust in youth

When his favorite neighborhood event was canceled because of senseless violence, young peacebuilder Sanjaath Nazeer took it upon himself to fix it.

The Stylist Who Turned Activist

Violence in the CAR turned Laeticia’s life upside down. She found the strength to start over, becoming a peace ambassador in the process.