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Search - Sri Lanka in 2017 - a year of impact

Search – Sri Lanka in 2017: a year of impact

Search – Sri Lanka in 2017: a year of impact

Promoting Freedom of Religion or Belief in Kyrgyzstan

This project is creating more favorable conditions for religious freedom in Kyrgyzstan through collaboration between state and non-state actors.

Singha Durbar: an Unprecedented Mobile App for e-Governance in Nepal

The Singha Durbar app is a new e-governance tool giving Nepali citizens a deeper level of access to the institutions governing them.

‘On Est Ensemble’: Supporting Reconciliation and National Unity in Guinea

This evaluation is part of the overall project On est ensemble, which includes two subprojects. The first is “Rebuilding Together”: Community-Driven Reconciliation and Enhanced Communication in Guinea Forestiere, and the second project is “Votons pour la paix”: Supporting Participative, Transparent, Credible and Peaceful Elections in Guinea. Both projects have the aim of promoting reconciliation, conflict resolution, and social peace in Guinea.

The project “Votons pour la Paix” was implemented in all four regions of Guinea, contributing to participatory, transparent, credible, and peaceful presidential elections. Politicians’ rhetoric is considered the main factor influencing interethnic violence, along with lack of knowledge about the political process. The project has been effective in disseminating accurate and useful information about the electoral process through the media. Search’s media productions and the creation of a joint media platform composed by media professional and civil society organizations have provided the public with more accurate information, which is less prone to ignite violence. It has been effective in countering divisive political rhetoric. While media efforts are recommended to continue, other recommendations involve more inclusion of vulnerable youth groups and also the involvement of political leaders.

“Rebuilding Peace” was implemented in the Forest region, where interethnic hatred and traditional practices are the main factors that drive to violence.The project contributed to promoting reconciliation, conflict resolution, and social peace in Guinea. Search organized listening sessions with participants from different ethnic groups of its radio program Nimba. The sessions provided community members an important platform to voice their concerns and grievances, but also to hear other members needs and interests. Training sessions facilitated by Search successfully enhanced the capacity of young leaders on conflict resolution techniques based on the Common Ground approach, rumor management, and communication skills. The project has made a difference in community member’s knowledge about the sources of violence in their communities and especially ways in which they can be avoided.

Heal Political Divides

The President’s approval rating was 34%. National representatives were even lower at 28%. Protests threatened violence. So much had been promised, so little fulfilled…

Strengthening Social Cohesion

Strengthening Social Cohesion is a project that focuses on training for government officials in Myanmar.

Madam Prime Minister

Introducing the first female (and fictional) Prime Minister of Nepal.