2003 European Common Ground Awards

The Common Ground Awards are presented annually to honor outstanding accomplishments in conflict resolution, negotiation, community building, and peacebuilding. Recipients have made significant contributions toward bridging divides between people and finding solutions to seemingly intractable problems. We honor groups or individuals who have dealt with conflicts in new ways, who have met crises with creativity, wisdom and courage, and who can inspire and bring hope to others.

Award recipients work internationally or in their local communities. How they deal with the challenges of conflict varies. Yet they all show us our best selves and what can be achieved when we work with, and for, each other.

Awardees included:

European Peacebuilding Award
Martti Ahtisaari, Former President of Finland

Special Common Ground Award for Peacebuilding
Sergio Vieira de Mello, (posthumous) UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and Special Representative of UN Secretary General in Iraq

The Community Award-For Building Peaceful Communities in Belgium
Mousta Largo, for his work with Al Andalous

Bridging Differences Through the Arts Award
Nikiforos Metaxas, for his work with the Greek-Turkish ensemble Bosphorus