How We Work

How We Work


What Others are Saying about Search for Common Ground

"I have a tremendous respect for the work carried out by your organization . . . reaching out and building communication across ethnic boundaries."

- James Wolfensohn, Founder, Wolfensohn & Co. LLC,
Former President of the World Bank

James Wolfensohn

John Marks and Former President Bill Clinton

"Nestle in Nigeria and Search for Common Ground are developing a reality TV show to promote religious reconciliation in Nigeria. This, by the way, is really exciting. I might like to see one of these in America. Think about what it could be: If people actually could turn on television and see real people with whom they could identify actually having serious conversations about both their religious convictions and how they do or don't translate into their daily lives. I think it's very exciting."

- Former President Bill Clinton

"What Search really does is look for ways in which people can work together and think together and have something in common. I have really tried to take some of the lessons from Search and try to apply those in dealing with North Korea."

- Christopher Hill, former US Ambassador to Iraq,
former Assistant Sec. of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs

Christopher Hill

Ambassador Olara Otunnu

"Search for Common Ground is bringing a voice of hope to the people of Sierra Leone—as it has in other parts of Africa—helping to educate and empower people through the use of radio."

- Ambassador Olara Otunnu, Special Representative of the UN Sec. General for Children and Armed Conflict

"The articles of the Common Ground News Service give hope that there are people out there who work on solutions inspired by the need to coexist in tolerance and by the hope for a better future."

- Christopher Patten, Commissioner for External Relations, European Commission

Christopher Patten

Boris Trajkovski

"'Nashe Maalo' [a hugely popular children's television show in Macedonia] exemplifies to children of all ethnic communities the possibility of coexistence and mutual understanding."

- Boris Trajkovski, Former President of the Republic of Macedonia

"I firmly believe that you have been responsible for expanding the Burundian lexicon to include the language of peace and reconciliation."

- Roger Conrad, official with USAID, the principal funder of SFCG's Burundi program


United Nationa

"Search for Common Ground has an important role to play in helping to popularize the peace process in Angola and building a culture of peace and reconciliation."

- Maitre Alioune Beye, former Special Representative of the UN Secretary General

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