Common Ground Awards 2005

Thursday, March 17th 2005
6:30pm cocktail reception
7:30pm awards programme

Embassy of Austria
3524 International Court, NW
Washington, DC

By Mandy Patinkin

Mohammed Ali, Common Ground Award recipient

Muhammad Ali
Common Ground Lifetime Achievement Award
He has been cited as a “United Nations Messenger of Peace,” and has been called “Mr. International Friendship” by former President Carter. In schools across America he has taught children the virtues of tolerance and understanding through his book “Healing”. The new Muhammad Ali Center will appeal to the heart, spirit and imagination in areas of personal growth and commitment, integrity and respect for others.

Henry Johnson and Dominic Taylor
Common Ground Award For Community Peacebuilding
By agreeing to a truce between their two rival gangs in Prince George's County, Maryland, they ended decades of violence and retaliation. Former Common Ground Awardees The Alliance of Concerned Men negotiated the agreement that ushered in a new era of hope and opportunity.

The Honorable Henry Cisneros and The Honorable Jack Kemp
Common Ground Award For Bipartisan Cooperation
Their belief that all Americans have the right to safe and decent housing led them to put aside fractious partisanship and publish a series of recommendations that reflect their shared vision for a national housing policy.

Americans for Informed Democracy, Seth Green
Families of September 11, Nikki Stern
Common Ground Award For International Understanding
In the wake of September 11th, these two organizations collaborated on a "Hope not Hate" series of town hall meetings and satellite TV dialogues to build understanding and reduce the growing mutual hatred between the U.S. and Islamic worlds.

Adina Shapiro and Ghassan Abdullah
Common Ground Award For Education
As the Israeli and Palestinian Co-Directors of the Middle East Children's Association, they have worked to achieve tolerance, mutual respect and understanding between Palestinian and Israeli educators.

Ambassador John McDonald
Common Ground Award For International Peacebuilding
In his long and respected career, including 40 years as a diplomat, Ambassador McDonald has worked to bring hope, inspiration and peace to communities and groups all over the world.

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