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Radio is by far the most effective method of communication in Africa. Radio has the ability to help effect changes in knowledge, attitude, and behaviour, particularly in conflict-ridden areas where people are often especially receptive to information presented in entertaining form. Through an integrated approach that employs a variety of techniques, Search for Common Ground’s Radio for Peacebuilding, Africa project aims to:

  • Increase the knowledge and skills of radio broadcasters, particularly youth radio broadcasters, in covering issues with multiple perspectives
  • Encourage key government officials to communicate effectively with their constituents
  • Improve the communication flow between policy makers, civil society members, and radio broadcasters.

We encourage you to download and use these guidebooks, available both in English and French as below. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us here.

Also, we have have recorded several audio guides, which can be found here.

Sustainability of Community Radios

Module 1

Module 1 - English

Module 1 - French

Module 2

Module 2 - English

Module 2 - French

Module 3

Module 3 - English

Module 3 - French

Module 4

Module 4 - English

Module 4 - French

Module 5

Module 5 - English

Module 5 - French

Training Guides

Responsible Media Coverage of Elections

Responsible Media Coverage of Elections - English

Responsible Media Coverage of Elections - French

Covering Trauma

Covering Trauma - English

Covering Trauma - English

Target Audiences for Peacebuilding Radio

Target Audiences for Peacebuilding Radio - English

Target Audiences for Peacebuilding Radio - French

Strategic Comms for Peacebuilding

Strategic Communication for Peacebuilding- English

Strategic Communication for Peacebuilding - French

Rumour Management Manual

Now available in

Rumour Management Manual - English

Rumour Management Manual - French

Radios Africaines Pour la Paix (RAPP)

Le cours "Radios Africaines Pour la Paix" examine le rôle de la radio en général, et de la radio communautaire en particulier, dans les conflits. En plus d'envisager les différentes manières dont la radio peut influencer le développement des conflits, RAPP a pour objectif de présenter de nouvelles compétences et de nouvelles techniques dans ce domaine.

French Version: RAPP complet (PDF 828 Kb)

"Youth Radio for peacebuilding -- a guide" (2nd edition)

Youth radio is a tool with tremendous power to build peace. Just as youth are deeply involved in conflict, so too they have the possibility to play a role in building peace. Radio has the potential to harness the creativity of young people. This guidebook has been written with such young people in mind. It is designed to help them and those who work with them design and produce entertaining radio programmes which help construct a peaceful future.

English Version: PDF (3.1MB)
French Version: PDF (3.3MB)

"Radio Talkshows for Peacebuilding -- a guide" (2nd edition)

Radio talkshows feed on conflict, and many of them use conflict to attract listeners. But they risk doing more harm than good, leaving listeners angry or fearful. This guidebook is designed to help talkshow presenters and producers learn some new skills to deal with conflict constructively on air.

English Version: PDF (461 K)
French Version: PDF (887 K)

"How to produce a radio soap for conflict prevention/resolution"

This guidebook is an introduction to and discussion of the practicalities (basic issues such as preparation, budgets, contracts and production) designed for project managers. 

Part 1:
English Version: PDF (384 K) - Conflict Resolution PowerPoint presentation (446 K)
French Version: PDF (429 K)

Part 2:
English Version: PDF (4.2 MB) - Visual Support Powerpoint (1.8 MB)

Community Radio, Gender, and ICTs in West Africa

This research project, funded by the Centre for Media and Transitional Societies (CMTS) of the Carleton University School of Journalism and Communication, involves a comparative study across three West African countries (Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea) to explore the current intersection between radio, gender and information communication technologies (ICT). The research examines whether recent improvements in radio broadcast coverage and SMS technology are increasing women’s access to information and providing them with a platform that adequately meets their needs. The research also tests whether implementing a SMS mobilization program, like FrontlineSMS, can increase women’s engagement with local community radio programming. 

English Version: PDF (1.8 MB)