LWI: Global Leadership Training

LWI International Programmes

We develop curricula and trainings that allow both distinguished and emerging leaders to deepen and expand their existing leadership wisdom, while equipping them with practical tools for addressing all levels of conflict. Highly-experiential training modules include personal leadership vision, cross-cultural communication, conflict resolution, and critical decision making. Programs have included:

  • a 5-day leadership training and follow up coaching for Senior Mission Leaders at the UN, offered in partnership with the Global Negotiations Project at Harvard Law School,

  • in partnership with SFCG in Lebanon, an advanced dialogue and communication workshop with emerging political leaders in Lebanon;

  • with SFCG Angola, leadership training for women and girls in Angola as part of the establishment of a Big Sisters Project to provide peer mentoring and counseling for girls

  • in partnership with SFCG in Kosovo, a series of training-of-trainers for civil society leaders to train 135 youth leaders throughout Kosovo.