LWI: Domestic Programmes

One America Project: Congressional Conversations on Race

LWI Domestic Programmes

In 2008, we partnered with the Faith and Politics Institute (FPI) to launch a project on racial healing in the United States and conducted in-depth interviews with over 60 leaders in the field. In July 2009, we convened a consultative meeting of 30 experts in dialogue, policy, education, and activism to form the Racial Healing Working Group to consider the question: "What would it take to heal the wounds of racism in the United States?" This distinguished gathering spent three days discerning, strategizing, and organizing around emergent themes in the field of racial healing. We consolidated their input and wise counsel for moving forward on a community and national level and established The One America Project. In early 2010, we launched its first program-a three year partnership with FPI and SFCG's US program, Search USA, with funding from the Kellogg Foundation, to convene Congressional Conversations on Race (CCR).

CCR is designed to assist Members of Congress in having conversations with their constituents to promote racial healing in their districts. In Fall 2010, a working group began identifying and meeting with Members to encourage them to participate in the program. The program leaders are currently collaborating with Members' district staff to identify participants and coordinate logistics. LWI provides the experts trained in racial healing techniques as well as experienced facilitators to support the process.

At the invitation of FPI, we also co-facilitate a weekly congressional leadership reflection group.