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About Partners in Humanity


Partners in Humanity aims to change the way individuals think and feel about the issues, stereotypes and tensions that hinder Muslim-Western relations and to facilitate action that demonstrates understanding and trust.

Partners in Humanity has four long-term goals:

  • To rectify misconceptions in order to promote mutual respect

  • To reframe divisive issues to facilitate constructive action

  • To highlight commonalities to develop a sense of shared future  

  • To underscore the positives in order to ensure goodwill

In support of these goals, Partners in Humanity leverages:  

  • Media

  • Education, Training and Awareness Building

  • Pop Culture

  • Policy


Partners in Humanity works with organisations and individuals around the world, benefiting from their unique skills and expertise to enhance the impact of its projects. In addition, the programme relies heavily on the institutional knowledge of other programmes at Search for Common Ground. Past and present partners include:


Current and past supporters of this programme include: