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Bringing Together Influential Leaders to Solve Problems

In September 2008, 34 exceptionally diverse, senior, bipartisan and inter-faith American leaders published "Changing Course: A New Direction for U.S. Relations with the Muslim World"

Convened by Search for Common Ground and the Consensus Institution over the span of two years, they worked together to build consensus on a comprehensive approach to improving U.S.-Muslim relations. Read More

"Engaging the Muslim world in constructive relations is indispensable to the success of American foreign policy. This report's bipartisan approach - filled with bold, detailed policy and operational recommendations - provides vital direction not only to the American government, but also to our democratic allies. Even NGOs, including faith groups, will find rich guidance for their own engagement efforts."

- Rabbi David Saperstein, Director, Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism

"It is a sign of great hope that the Leadership Group, despite having substantial differences over policies and politics, was able to come together to develop this report. This was made possible by a shared belief that the vital interests of the American people need not, and must not, conflict with core American values affirming the dignity of all people and their right to freedom and self-determination. This is a message that the mainstream majority in the Muslim world will surely welcome, and it will help them in their desire to improve relations between their people and the United States."

- Ingrid Mattson, President, The Islamic Society of North America

In the aftermath of 9/11, under the joint auspices of His Royal Highness Prince El Hassan bin Talal and Search for Common Ground, 60 non-governmental organizations, media professionals, government agencies, and international organizations - catalysts and facilitators of Muslim-Western dialogue - came together in Amman, Jordan to generate an Action Plan for Muslim-Western Understanding.

Those who promote hatred are energetic and organized. We can be more energetic and more organized than that enemy. We must become more proactive, may I say aggressive, about moderation. We must enhance what is universal and cultivate respect for our differences."

-HRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal