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Poster Campaign Against Sexual Violence

SFCG DRC has launched a campaign to prevent rape and sexual violence. The campaign communicates core messages about sexual violence prevention.

  • The first core message is about non-discrimination against children born from rape.
  • The second messages emphasizes that no matter how a woman dresses, it never justifies rape or any other negative treatment.
  • The third core message draws attention to the real consequences facing those who rape or commit sexual violence.

The campaign aims to remove stigma associated with sexual violence, emphasize its severity, and show that real and serious consequences exist for those who decide to commit sexual violence against women. 10,000 posters are being distributed and 3 large billboards have been placed in North Kivu with support from UNHCR North Kivu, and in collaboration with Amnesty International, PRM, and IMC/USAID.

DRC rape stigma

Translation: TOP - Which of these babies was born as a result of rape?
BOTTOM - All babies deserve our love and not our discrimination.

DRC women SGBV

Translation: TOP - Who of these women deserved to be raped?
BOTTOM - Nothing, and no one, can justify rape.

DRC SGBV consequences

Translation: TOP - Where will you be 20 years from now?
BOTTOM - If you rape, you'll be in prison for 5 up to 20 years.

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