The Shape of the Future

The Shape of the Future is a documentary series produced by Common Ground Productions that explores what an eventual Palestinian-Israeli peace settlement might look like. It even-handedly examines the aspirations of both Israelis and Palestinians and demonstrates the possibility of a lasting, mutually satisfactory peace. Originally broadcast in Hebrew and Arabic on Israeli and Palestinian television, The Shape of the Future is now enjoying widespread international distribution.

About The Shape of the Future

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The Shape of the Future

A frequently heard aphorism is that both Palestinians and Israelis see the light at the end of the tunnel--they simply cannot find the tunnel. As violence has escalated over the past few years, an increasing number of people on both sides have become convinced that negotiated solutions cannot be achieved. The Shape of the Future demonstrates that while not inevitable, peace is possible. By probing the concerns and opinions of both Palestinians and Israelis regarding key issues such as Jerusalem, settlements, Palestinian refugees and security, the series identifies exactly what is at stake. It then shows that a negotiated peace settlement need not necessarily trample on the interests of either side.

Versions of The Shape of the Future have been produced in Hebrew, Arabic and English, in both 60- and 30-minute serial formats. It was aired throughout July 2005 on prime time television in Israel (Channel 8), Palestine (Palestine Broadcasting Corp., Ma'an Network) and Arabic-language satellite (Arabic Satellite Channel Abu Dhabi). The series continues to reach viewers in the Middle East today through Israeli and Palestinian organizations, schools and universities; a viewer's guide/curriculum has also been published to facilitate discussion.

"This documentary series examines the fears and aspirations of Israelis and Palestinians in an even-handed way. It shows how a negotiated agreement could address those fears and do so without threatening the national existence of either side. Israel and Egypt were able to accomplish this task at Camp David more than 25 years ago and this series supports the belief that Israelis and Palestinians can do the same."
- Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter

Music Video from The Shape of the Future

Musicians David Broza and Said Murad collaborated to create the theme song for The Shape of the Future, entitled "In My Heart." The music video features a performance of the song by Broza and Wisam Murad. Lyrics in Hebrew and Arabic; subtitles in English. Running time: 5 min.

Photos from The Shape of the Future

Refugee camp resident Ramzi Abu Radwan    

"In a normal life, you do not have to be afraid"

Two experts discuss regional security for both parties

"A normal life is one without military raids"