The Station (Egypt)

The Station is a character-driven 30-episode dramatic television series co-produced by Common Ground Productions and Video Cairo Sat for broadcast in Egypt beginning during Ramadan 2007. The series is modeled after a highly successful program of the same name currently being produced and aired by Common Ground Productions in Nigeria. It is the first Egyptian television series to combine the soap opera format with a stimulating approach to controversial social issues. In addition to focusing audience attention to societal problems, the series sheds light on the important role of the media both in exposing negative elements and in contributing to solutions that can move Egypt in a positive direction.

About The Station
The series is told from the perspective of journalists and producers who work in a fictional Cairo TV news station. Based on the premise that television is a powerful instrument for social change, the journalists report on current problems through the prism of their own economic, social, religious, and gender diversity while struggling to create impartial and trustworthy news programs that serve the whole of Egypt. The characters serve as role models for viewers, as their struggle to cooperate and understand one another is symbolic of the need for Egyptians from all groups to come together.

Within a framework of searching for common ground, the themes in each episode focus on the most important issues facing Egypt today, including youth unemployment, corruption, democratization, and privatization. The goal is to provide a mass Egyptian audience a vision of a better future and to give viewers practical tools and strategies to achieve that vision. Written and produced by Egyptians, the series is designed to help viewers from all strata of Egyptian society understand their differences while searching for their common bonds.

Videos from The Station

A short compilation of the Common Ground Productions series The Station for broadcast in Egypt.

Song promoting reconciliation, taken the Egyptian drama series The Station, produced by Common Ground Productions. The Station is part of the Media Activities of Search for Common Ground in the Middle East. For more information visit our Middle East Media Activities page.